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New Tigers Consulting Ltd. Signs Partnership Agreement with Montt Group to Extend Business in Latin America
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New Tigers Consulting Limited (referred to as ¡°NTC¡±) (Parent company of MiningComm Platform) signed the partnership agreement and non-disclosure agreement with Montt Group in May, 2021. NTC aims to expand its market in Latin America through cooperation with Montt Group while Montt Group to expand Chinese market through NTC¡¯s assistance. NTC will cooperate with Montt Group in the mining industry via its subsidiary of MiningComm Platform.

Montt Group was created by its founding partner and current president Santiago Montt V. in 1974 with the purpose of offering comprehensive professional services to entrepreneurs and companies in different specialized areas of the law, especially foreign investment, extractive businesses, corporate law, technology of information and in general the complete universe of legal services necessary for the successful development of their businesses that include legal services, consulting and tax advice among others. The headquarters are located at Avenida Los Conquistadores 1700 (Santa Maria tower) floors 6, 11 and 26. Providencia county, Metropolitan Region in the Republic of Chile.

Mining Services

Montt Group offers comprehensive advice to investors, national and foreign, in the development of their activities related to the mining sector.

Advice and support in:

  • Procedures for obtaining mining concession titles, from their preparation to the granting of rights;
  • Mining opposition proceedings; Mining nullity;
  • Processes of negotiation and acquisition of surface rights, such as conventional easements, administrative easements, judicial easements and/or easements of Government or State property;
  • Negotiation and acquisition of mining rights processes;
  • Structuring and review of mining contracts and investment contracts;
  • Management of water use authorizations or other authorizations, permits or licenses to carry out mining activities;
  • Mining Due Diligence;
  • Maintenance of mining rights of mining operators and Monitoring of overlapping applications or mining concessions and Mining Surveillance.

Corporate Services

Montt Group provides comprehensive services for the incorporation and start-up in third countries of companies that look to develop the activities in new markets.

The service package designed exclusively comprises the following:

  • Legal Representation: Provision of a resident legal representative for the purpose of the company¡¯s tax registration and compliance with the local regulations that apply in legal, tax and labor matters in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Legal address: provide legal address to the company and to the partners or shareholders for the purposes of their registration with the corporate and tax supervisory bodies.
  • Accounting Service: handle the local entity& accounting records in accordance with local GAAP and legal requirements.
  • Tax Management: Control, preparation and presentation of reports to the tax authorities. Tax advice and tax settlements.
  • Bank account: Opening of a bank account in the bank of client¡¯s choice. The administration of said checking account will correspond to the manager under direct instruction from the foreign supervisor.
  • Back Office: It includes administrative, treasury, financial and foreign trade services, such as management at less sophisticated levels.

Tax Services

Professional accounting, auditing and tax assistance to natural persons or companies by national and foreign professionals authorized to practice in the respective jurisdiction, with the appropriate skills, to assist in the required matters and specialties, and organize the required accounting and tax design considering the different aspects of the order, consolidating in it the different elements that make it up, how to immediately proceed to its execution according to the definition approved by the client and delivery of it duly installed legally within the established deadlines.

About MiningComm

MiningComm is an online information platform and an offline customized mining investment service provider to connect overseas mining projects with investors/buyers/partner in Great China Area and beyond.

MiningComm has a huge active database with over 1200+ mining investors. Since its inception along with its parent company New Tigers Consulting, we have worked with more than 110+ junior and producing mining companies and represented them to secure project investment and offtake deals.

For more information about this mining platform please contact: service@miningcomm.com

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