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NTC Service List during COVID-19 Pandemic
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New Tigers Consulting Limited (hereinafter referred to as NTC) was established in 1997 with headquarters in Toronto Canada, representative offices in Dublin Ireland, Brisbane Australia and Rochester USA. NTC set up its wholly-owned subsidiary in Suzhou China in 2004. Up to date, NTC has five rep offices in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing. NTC is focused on high-level proficient service to European and North American companies looking towards China for expanding their business. Over the years, NTC serviced more than 1,500 clients doing business in and with China.

During the pandemic, many companies from the western countries are limited to approach the Chinese market due to the flight suspension, travel restriction and quarantine measures by different countries.

Strategically placed with our offices in China, we can provide top range infrastructure, technological flexibility and cost effective resources to assist those companies in achieving their growth potentials for their development in this very period.

To meet clients specific requirement, NTC provides companies peace of mind by offering the following services:

NTC Service List

A. Business Consulting

1. China Market entrance and foreign investment consultation;

2. Site Search -- including standard factory or/and office building search, land purchase opportunity search;

3. A complete setup and official registration service of a WFOE;

4. Enterprise alteration Service (shareholder turnover, modification of legal person; capital increase/decrease, business scope change, business address change);

5. Intellectual property right and trademark registration;

6. A complete cancellation and official de-registration service of a WFOE.

B. Local Presence

1. Local presence to support your intermediary work;

2. Local presence in conference/exhibition and different commercial activities;

3. Repetitive work for China market development, business negotiation, customer/supplier/government relations maintenance, etc.

C. Financial Advisory

1. Maintain and provide financial up to date accurate finance books;

2. Regular tax declaration service;

4. Act as Controller and direct the preparation of financial reports that summarize and forecast the organization's financial position, such as income statements, balance sheets, and analyses of future earnings or expenses;

5. All financial, accounting and auditing communication with authorities;

6. Ensure the business operations and financial treatment to comply with government laws/regulations and accounting principles;

7. Prepare separate monthly financial statements and reports to overseas HQ.

D. HR &Recruitment

1. Head hunting and talent recruitment service;

2. Employee welfare/benefits design and improvement;

3. Labor Contract Management Service;

4. Employment Permit and Residence Permit application/renewal/cancellation for foreign employees;

5. Payroll service;

6. Employee In-Processing / Out-Processing upon Hiring and Termination.

E. B2B Market Research

1. Provide Customized Market Research Competition - Identification of competitive (both local and other foreign) technologies, products or services, and suppliers/producers of your product or service in the market;

2. Analysis for market Entry Issues - Information on duties, taxes, quotas, nontariff barriers and local trade regulations which may affect the marketing of your product or service;
3. Collect market information for pricing, products, market trends and services;
4. Initial study and prepare for Contact List - Product-specific list of potential agents/distributors/partners. Includes verified basic contact information including company names, address, telephone and email as available.

F.  Logistics Consulting Service

1. Supply chain evaluation & optimization in China and adjacent regions;

2. Sourcing from raw material to semi-finished products, to finished products, molds and machines;
3.Deliver quality and price competitive samples, negotiate and develop the business deals;
4. Act as a communication bridge between the Customs Broker Company and the Client;
5. Deal with the problems arise from the logistic and Customs procedure.

G. Other Services

Other services are available on request.

Whether you are looking for our services to take care of your China business during this period, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

Dr Wei Qian

New Tigers Consulting Ltd

6F, Suxin Tower (China Head Office)

88 Zhongxin Ave. West, Suzhou 215021, China

Cell: +86 186 2628 7856

Email: wqian@newtigers.com.cn

Website: www.newtigers.com

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